Monday, October 3, 2011

The Croco Liners

Monday. Start of long week work again. As usual I need to rise up early 'cause for sure buses going to Ortigas are like wheeled rectangular can of sardines again. But I won't be talking about it. This is about the Croco Liners. Croco Liners because mga buwaya sila sa pasahero!! Normally my trip from Proj.7 to Kamayan (before Ortigas flyover) takes about 45mins. Unfortunately if I happen to ride on these Croco Liners, my travel would be like a provincial trip 'cause my travel time would take me about minimum of 1hr. Croco Liners stop at any places where they can see a potential prey. Normally when we are at the intersection or junction, we are waiting for the green light. For Croco Liners, red light is their favorite. Oftentimes when they see the green light, they will slow slow slow down until the light changes to red. Grrrrr.. Their favorite lair is Farmer's Cubao. They will hibernate here for about 15 minutes. Sometimes they will let other buses to overtake them. I can't see the logic to that. Amp.

Good thing this morning even if I have ridden one of these Croco Liners hindi naman nasira ang araw ko. When things go wrong, think positively. So what I did -- Aura mode. Hahahaha. Fortunately there was this guy who stood just infront of me. Tisoy, a bit chub, makinis at nakashades. =] When I saw him, nawala ang inis ko. I just secretly stared at him while singing "when I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change" hahaha. He's relaxing. I attempted to take a picture of him but I failed. I'm not good in taking stolen shots. Puro upuan 'yung nakuhanan ko hehe. Before I end this post, I searched for a picture of a tisoy guy with shades in order for this post to be interesting. Isn't he cute? I didn't notice when I posted the picture, it's Gerald Anderson pala. =] 

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